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Services we provide

- Expertise of an experienced Property Management Team.

- Minimal Vacancy rates

- Careful selection of tenants, and the screening of applicants using the latest in tenant reference searches

- Regular written reports following inspections of your property, to ensure high maintenance standards

- Completion of condition reports at the beginning and end of the lease term, and administration of rental bond claims

- Professional representation at Residential Tribunal hearings

- Assurance that the repairs and maintenance carried out on your property are of the highest standard

- Landlord Protection Insurance Information

- Collection of water usage payments from tenants, and payment of water rates to the Water Board on your behalf

- Payment of council and strata rates on your behalf

- Accurate, accredited trust accounting

- Detailed statement of accounts of the month's transactions will be delivered promptly to you

- Payment of income from your property deposited directly into your nominated account monthly or bi-monthly

- Preparation of end of financial year statement for taxation purposes

- Professional advice regarding any Property Management questions that you may have



Tenant Selection

Because, like you, we want the best possible tenant for your property, our criteria for finding suitable tenants is strict and we make no apology for this approach. Potential tenants wishing to rent a property must apply by completing an Application for Tenancy form. Information provided on this form includes current and previous accommodation history, employment history, next of kin and referee details. The applicants are required to supply proof of their identity and all information provided on this application is verified as completely as possible. References are not only conducted in written form but also verbal. Tenancy  database searches will also be carried out to ensure applicants have a good credit rating

Applications are submitted to you for consideration and the most suitable tenant is selected in consultation with the property management team.

Residential Tenancy Agreement
Once an applicant has been approved the tenant is required to sign a Residential Tenancy Agreement and pay a rental bond, prior to taking possession of the property. You will receive not only a copy of the Residential Tenancy Agreement but also a copy of the Property Condition  report.
Security Bond

The tenant, prior to taking possession of the premises, pays a bond equal to a minimum of four weeks rent. The bond is lodged with the Department of Fair Trading and is released at the end of the lease. Prior to release of the bond a detailed assessment of the condition of the property is made.

Property Inspections

An inspection of the property is carried out prior to the tenant occupying the property, and a written report is compiled with a detailed analysis of the property called a Property Condition Report. Photographs of every surface, at no charge to you, are taken at this time and provide an excellent and indisputable record. The tenant then reviews this report within the first 7 days of occupation of the premises and the agreed condition of the property is decided. This condition report is then used when the tenant vacates, to ensure that the condition of the property is left in the same condition.

Routine Inspections
To maintain a watchful eye over your investment, inspections are carried out approximately every 13 weeks. An initial 6 week inspection will take place after the tenants have moved in and every three months after this date. You as the Landlord are more than welcome to attend these inspections.
Rental Payments

We take care and considerable time in our tenant selection process by adhering to our firm policy of rejecting any tenant who does not meet stringent suitability criteria. Through this policy we minimize our rental arrears level. However, regardless of the care taken occasionally tenants fall into arrears of rent. When this occurs a set procedure is instigated which includes updating and communicating with you throughout the process :

- First day overdue - an sms is sent to the tenant reminding them rent is due
- Three days overdue - a phone call is made to the tenant and a friendly reminder is sent
- Five days overdue - an overdue notice is forwarded reminding the tenant of their obligation. This is then followed by a personal phone call.
- Seven days overdue - we contact you and discuss options in regard to the arrears
- Ten days overdue - a second more direct letter advising the tenant they are in breach of the agreement is sent and  followed by a visit to the property.
- Fifteen days overdue - a termination notice is issued stating the tenant must pay all outstanding rent or we will take the appropriate action for the tenant to vacate the property. At this time you will also be informed of the action we have taken.


Repairs and Maintenance

Tenants are advised to submit requests for repairs in writing to our office. Upon receiving these requests, contact will be made with you advising you of the request and under no circumstance will any routine repairs be carried out without your approval.

The Residential Tenancy Act provides for urgent repairs and in some circumstances tenants can arrange urgent repairs and be reimbursed by the owner.

Whilst we engage a range of qualified trades people to attend to all types of repairs and maintenance, we are only too happy to use specific trades people as designated by you. Accounts for repairs and maintenance are processed for payment only when the Property Manager is completely satisfied the work has been carried out to an acceptable standard.

Landlord Insurance

We recommend all our landlords take out adequate insurance including landlord protection insurance. We can assist you with information regarding this insurance.

Listed below is an example of just some of the cover provided by the policies offered:
- Loss of rent
- Malicious damage
- Unscheduled tenant departures
- Content insurance

Preparing your property for lease

First impressions are critical when a prospective tenant inspects your property.
A well presented home will help to achieve the highest possible rental return for your property. Below are some helpful hints to assist in enabling your property to ready for the market and the highest quality tenant to be selected. The Following points are our suggestion: 
- Lawns and Gardens: Fresh cut lawns and edges, tidy gardens removing weeds and prune back trees
- Fresh Look: An inexpensive way to add freshness is a quick coat of neutral coloured paint.
- Flooring: Carpet to be professionally steam cleaned, remove any stains or odors.
- Maintenance: Repair torn screens, leaking taps, light switches and fittings, power points, door handles, leaky gutters
- Cleanliness: Wash all walls, windows and tracks and unclutter the property as it enhances space and appears open and larger.
- Windows: Clean window and tracks enabling light and fresh air in.
- Appliances: All electrical appliances and power points must be safe and in a working manner.
- Inspections: Hold inspection times when noise from traffic or schools close-by are at their lowest.
- Insurance: Ensure your Landlord, Building and comprehensive insurances are valid and up to date for your protection as a landlord to cover you incase of an unforeseen event. 
- Present your property to the prospective tenants with the cleanliness and standard that you expect the tenants to maintain throughout the tenancy.

One of your biggest and most valuable assets requires an ongoing attention and maintenance. Here at The Kings Estate Agents we will provide you with the necessary steps to ensure your home is maintained to the highest possible standard.


At The Kings Estate Agents we value your business now and in the future

We will establish a reliable partnership with you based on open communication, honesty and trust.

As part of that commitment we will:
- Listen to your needs
- Provide reliable advice
- Maintain a high level of communication with you
- Work with you and support you in achieving your real estate goals

We encourage you to:
- Keep us informed of your intentions and any change of circumstances
- Let us know when we are doing the job well
- Tell us of any concerns you may have regarding the management of your property, so we can work to resolve the issues
- Ask questions to ensure that there are no misunderstandings
- Tell others about the service we provide

A partnership based on commitment and co-operation between you and our professional real estate team will allow us to meet and exceed your expectations.

We aim to provide real estate solutions through a partnership between you and The Kings Estate Agents.

We guarantee to:

- Market your property extensively on, , and our website.
- Advertise in our window display and list of available properties at both our Kings Langley and Lalor Park Offices
- Interview all prospective tenants and check references.
- Sign and execute leases on your behalf and lodge rental bonds for your security.
- Collect rental payments on your behalf and ensure correct receipting procedure.
- Provide written monthly statements of income and expenditure and disburse monies as per your instructions.
- Carry out regular rent reviews to ensure your property remains competitive in the market.
- Complete written inspection reports on your property at commencement and completion of tenancy.
- Carry out regular inspections of your property and provide you with a written report for budget and planning purposes.
- Arrange quotes and repairs on your property, as per your instructions, and pay accounts from rents collected.
- Regularly review our approved trades people to ensure quality of work and competitive rates.

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