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A Brief History of The Kings Estate Agents.

For just over 6 years I offered my services via Richardson & Wrench Kings Langley with Michael & Debra Pike. In 2006 Michael & Debra decided it was time to retire and sold Richardson & Wrench Kings Langley.

For many years I dreamt of owning my own Real Estate Agency. When Michael & Debra sold, the door of opportunity opened for me.

Doing things a bit different, as I am known to do, I decided with confidence to open The Kings Estate Agents and operate from my own home in Kings Langley. Knowing how strong the power of the internet is, along with my reputation in the local area & my passion to succeed, I was quietly confident the business would be successful.

The amazing response from past clients and the local community has been nothing short of mind blowing. With-in 6 months, I employed a Property Manager to manage many of the properties of past clients who got wind of my movements. I then employed a salesperson as our list of properties to sell continued to grow.

Our signs were to be seen every where, including the surrounding suburbs.

Thinking we need to find an office space, I was offered a run down but large office space at the Solander Rd shops in Kings Langley. I gladly accepted with permission to completely renovate. What great timing.

Another Great Opportunity.

Towards the end of 2007, an opportunity was presented to me to purchase the property management rent roll from Holmes & Ashford Real Estate in Kings Langley. How could I say no. This purchase enabled the office to expand once again by hiring an experienced Property Officer to assist with our extra managements.

And then Another Opportunity arose to purchase the business where it all started for me: Richardson & Wrench Kings Langley.

2007 was a great year for The Kings Estate Agents & then 2008 rolled in & things continued to get better with the purchase of Richardson & Wrench Kings Langley.

With this purchase came an important decision to be made. Do I play it safe & stay at Solander Rd, or keep moving the business forward & re-locate to the Richardson & Wrench site?

With a full complement of staff for both Sales & Property Management, I decided we can definitely offer the residents of Kings Langley & the surrounding suburbs an even better service being in the Kings Langley Shopping Centre.

It goes to show you just how powerful a good marketing program is. No longer is it only about where your Agent is located. It’s all about the quality of staff & how your property is Marketed or Managed. The Growth of this Agency has proven this.

We now boast a full compliment of staff which includes 2 highly skilled Property Managers who take all the stress out of owning an investment property & 4 Sales people that really do work together.

All my staff work with the same beliefs. Treat people the way you would like to be treated & you only have 1 shot at your reputation. 

All that has transpired so far is the result from the support and confidence we have received from the local community, previous clients and the many referrals.

We look forward to assisting you with all your real estate needs.

Many Thanks to all.

Yours sincerely

David Ward

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